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Extraction hoods and downdraft tables dena model BAS-V

The ideal solution for grinding, welding, painting, application of adhesives, and in all processes that produce fumes and dust that, if inhaled, can be dangerous for the health of the operator.

To keep the environment clean of pollutants it is necessary that polluting particles are captured efficiently through the extraction bench; in fact, thanks to uniform filtration from the bottom and front side the operator does not inhale any toxic substance. The bench can be customized with different kinds of platforms and grids, depending on the work to be carried out.

Automatic filter cleaning

The machine is equipped with a cartridge filter with a suitable filtering surface, the cleaning system is automatic: a tank of compressed air cleans the cartridge, consequently the working process is easier for the operator, saving time. The final filtration with hepa filter is optional.

Sparks separator series

The spark separator is fitted as standard, with a length equal to the size of the countertop plays an essential function. It protects the cartridge from sparks and blunt objects. Besides it prevents extracted particles from clogging the filter, the fan built into the BAS-V makes it a complete and versatile machine.