Manufacturing of equipment and suction plants for industries in order to treat and filter dust, fumes, oil mist, solvents and odors resulting from different industrial processes.


Pneumatic Conveying

System that permits to transport dust and granular materials from the storage poin to the discharge one, covering considerable distances too.


Painting Plants

Tailor made painting booths and plants designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the products to be treated.



Dena designs and manufactures its equipments with high standard level of technology. Dena offers excellent and comprehensive services for all kinds of filtration and painting plants, both for small and big working places. Thanks to 30 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing our team can provide its customers with turn key and tailor made systems, dedicated support together with technology consulting at each stage of the purchasing and installation cycle to solve all problems deriving from air filtration needs.

Maintenance on filtration systems

Ordinary and extra ordinary technical intervention carried out by high skilled workers. Direct technical assistance on the plant made through inspection to verify the filtration efficiency and technical measurements on the equipments.

Maintenance on industrial fans

Activity of maintenance on industrial fans, among which Dena can offer balancing, diagnosis and installation of original spare parts. Control and monitoring on industrial fans regarding performance, noise level and analysis of the vibration spectrum.


Revision and refurbishment of filtration, painting plants and fans carried out directly by industrial plants of our customers or by workshops nearby. Machine safety technical update of non operating plants or out of service ones to increase performance, improving working environment and its increasing safety and efficiency in work places to protect workers from harmful particles.

Measurement instruments

Probes and instruments to detect the quantity of particles of dust released into the atmosphere through air filtration plants.

Filters revamping

Revamping of the filtration means, for example bags made of needle felt, polyester fiber, polypropylene, acrylic, teflon, ryton etc, P84 etc. This kind of intervention allows felt and fabric filters to be revamped and consequently reused into the air filtration systems with high performance results.

DENA - Innovation, technology and experience for clean air

Dena combines experience in equipments and plants for suction, air filtration and treatment of dust, exhaust fumes, gases, industrial acids and solvents with high standard level of technology in design, manufacturing and installation of filtration systems.