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Dust collector cyclon Mod. Cy

The dust collector cyclone can offer treatment efficiency between 85% and 95%; it is used for dust with specific weight beyond 300kg/m3 and with fairly coarse particles, more than more than 10 micron for dust with specific weight beyond 1000-1500 kg / m3 and beyond 50 micron for dust with specific weight more than 500 kg / m3.

Ciclone separatore - Depurazione aria
Ciclone separatore - Depurazione aria


Thanks to centrifugal  force dust particles are separated from the gasesos fluid and that move according to the rotary motion  by means of the tangential inlet or the body of the cyclone.
Centrifugal acceleration acts on the particles in the same way as the weight force but radially. Treatment efficiency depends from  high peripheral speed of the flux and on the contrary of the ray bend.  For this reason one tries to increase flux speed and  create rotator motions  with small bend. At the same peripheral speed the increasing diameter of the cyclone decreases centrifugal effect and consequently its efficiency. The designer must choose the correct shape and size creating tailored products according to the customer's needs.

Construction details

The cyclone is a treatment system of cylindrical shape in its top side, truncated cone in its bottom part. It is manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel. in 20/10 sheet.

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Dust suppression systems , pneumatic conveying lines in wood industries and panel , mechanical industries,  recycling plants , glass , aggregates , foundries , etc 

Rotary valve. ATEX version. Insulation. Painting resistant to hostile environments . Manufactured in special steel .