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Dust filter model ATEX

Among air purification plants the dedusting filter with Atex conformity, baghouse filter type, is a high efficiency machinery, designed to be installed in environments which require high protection against explosion, according to the ATEX 94/9/CE regulations.

Abbattimento polveri - Impianti di aspirazioni - Filtri depolveratori
Abbattimento polveri - Impianti di aspirazioni - Filtri depolveratori

Dust filter model GIC-M ATEX

The ATEX bag filter GIC-M is equipped with certified fire proof membrane rupture, it is manufactured in a size suited to explosive class of the kind of dust to be treated. A suppression system of explosions is installed in combination with the air cleaning filter .

The subdivision is necessary in order to avoid explosion in other parts of the plant or environment. It must always be combined with a suppression system. The compartmentalization system can be mechanical , with guillotine valve or chemical .





Operating principle of the bag filter ATEX

Dusty air is fed into the bottom of the filter through the by-pass inlet. Coarse dust contained in the air extracted are subdued to first treatment and drop into the collection hopper.

Passing the quiet chamber dust goes through the filter bags. During its operation , the ATEX bag filter is kept in perfect order through a cyclic cleaning system. A jet of compressed air, accumulated in a special tank, is quickly injected inside the sleeves, creating a violent wave of shaking in countercurrent able to detach and to precipitate the particles deposited on the outside of the sleeves. The rotary valve will unload dust.


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Suitable for highly explosive powders and for working environments requiring high degree of protection against explosions.

Valvola di scarico con rotocella. Sistema di scarico con valvola di esclusione. Sistema di soppressione. Valvola di compartimentazione. Vernice resistente ad ambienti ostili. Esecuzione con acciai speciali.