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Range of conveying systems for pellet

Innovative range of pellet pneumatic conveying systems for the industrial sector .

Sistemi di caricamento pneumatico pellet
Sistemi di caricamento pneumatico pellet

The pneumatic  conveying series made by Dena offer significant advantages over  fuel feeding solutions. A great advantage is the possibility to exploit the return air of the turbine that is conveyed into the suction probe, so that it creates gradual and continuous distribution of pellet or other biomass into the intake circuit.


Moreover, it is possible to combine the WX series to the new ash pre-separator for the cleaning of your boiler or with any other type of silo or self-built storage room with flat surface without the help of mechanical systems of extraction.



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In all processes where it is necessary to transport granular products. It's the ideal solution for boilers and biomass stoves.