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Pneumatic conveying system WX15

Efficient pneumatic conveyor which exploits the depression caused within a container to suck up dust, mixtures, granules and capsules and eliminate them.

Trasporto pneumatico - Sistema di caricamento pneumatico pellet WX15
Trasporto pneumatico - Sistema di caricamento pneumatico pellet WX15

Pneumatic conveying system wx15

Pneumatic transport  with WX technology exploits depression which is caused into the discharge hopper to extract dust, blends, granular materials and capsules.

Operating principle of the WX15 pneumatic conveying system

The discharge hopper is loaded with dust or granular materials to be transported thanks to 
depression created in the inside by means of the engine. When loading cycle finishes , discharge valve opens and thus permits the discharge valve to open and as a consequence the material loaded to fall by gravity or by means of motorized valve. An optional self- cleaning system ensures maximum efficiency at every loading/discharge cycle. The time setting of loading, discharge and cleaning are regulated automatically, by means of control panel you can set up level sensors. The pneumatic transport WX 15 can be easily combined with existing transport plants.

Manufacturing characteristics of the pneumatic transport WX15 

The model WX 15 is made in thick carbon steel in order to preserve its integrity. The extraction unit is fitted with mono phase motor.

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In tutti i processi ove sia necessario trasportare del prodotto granulare, ideale per caldaie e stufe a biomassa. 

Presa prodotto manuale. Sistema di pulizia filtro automatico. Serbatoio di contenimento. Versione ATEX. Versioni monofase/trifase, versione in acciaio inox AISI-316L.