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Vacuum pneumatic conveying

Transport through which the suction unit creates vacuum inside the transport line - pipe line and filter where the materials arrive- capable of generating an air flow that conveys the product

Vacuum pneumatic conveying

In the process of  extraction pneumatic transport  the pump or extraction unit creates depression inside the transport line- hoses and filter in the point of arrival of materials transported, which permits to produce air flux which transport the materials.

Depression created into the extraction unit must be the right quantity to produce the air necessary to the transport of the product. Granulometry, specific weight, physical characteristics of the pipe line and loss of charge play their role, that must be taken into consideration for a fluid transport.
Vacuum pneumatic transport is used to move waste resulting from industrial processes and end products.  They are suitable in particular to plastic products, food and beverage industry and recycling.

For plastic products:

  •  bottles, corks, and other end products,
  •  granular products, both row and regenerated materials,
  •  extraction flow mounding,

Waste plastic and paper films

  • waste of trimming, cutting and punching
  • clippings
  •  off cuts,


  • milling waste and its transport
  • dust collecting and separation


  • air filtration from dust and industrial fumes
  • Application Fields
  • Optional

Plastic granules and pellets ( PVC , polyethylene and polymers in general ) . Materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry ( pills , capsules , tablets , powder and various granulates ). Materials for the food and confectionery industry ( flour , sugar, cocoa, milk powder, rice, spices, candies ) . Coffee ( beans and powder) for roasting plants . Any material of small dimensions.

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