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Pneumatic conveying under pressure

Effective and innovative pneumatic transport i dilute phase in medium pressure that is based on pressure, if ii is pushed, or depression, if the suction is generated by a blower inside one or more pipes.

Pneumatic conveying under pressure

  Type of effective and innovative in dilute phase pneumatic transport medium pressure that is based on pressure, when pushed, or depression, if the suction, generated by a blower inside one or more tubes.

Via an injection system on the pipe, generally made through a rotary valve seal, the material is injected into the pipe, transported and conveyed to its destination.

The pneumatic transport system advantages in dilute or fluid phase are in maintenance simplicity the low costs of installation and consumption when the system is the ideal solution to convey such materials.

The system of pneumatic transport in dilute phase is suitable for not very high specific weight materials - granules, flakes, pellets, chips, or powders.
The materials used for the manufacture of the rotary valve group, the blower, the pipes are defined according to products and application, they may be manufactured in carbon, steel or stainless steel.

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Plastic granules and pellets (PVC, polyethylene and polymers in general). Materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry (pills, capsules, tablets, powder and various granulates). Materials for the food and confectionery industry (flour, sugar, cocoa, milk powder, rice, spices, candies). Coffee (beans and powder) for roasting plants. Any material of small dimensions.

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