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Full pipe line pneumatic conveying

Range of products entirely designed to ensure the integrity of both of granular and powder materials during the whole conveying process and to get constant high level of efficiency.

Trasporto pneumatico full pipeline
Trasporto pneumatico full pipeline

Full pipeline dense phase

This range of transport system has been designed to ensure the integrity both of granular and of dust materials during the whole process of transport and ensure a gradual efficiency level of the system.

The Tpa propulsor are available in three models:

  • Standard model: transport pipeline is empted after every loading cycle
  • Full pipeline model: transport happens with  full pipeline to permit air and energy saving compared to the standard method. Full pipeline propulsors Tpa model are normally used to transport fragile and abrasive materials
  • Full pipeline continuous: using two full pipelines, model Tpa combined with each other, makes continuous transport possible, saving loading time of the system.
  • Application Fields
  • Optional

Plastic granules and pellets (PVC, polyethylene and polymers in general). Materials pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry (pills, capsules, tablets, powder and various granulates). Materials for the food and confectionery industry (flour, sugar, cocoa, milk powder, rice, spices, candies). Coffee (beans and powder) for roasting plants. Any material of small dimensions.

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