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Big bag emptying with hoist

Big Bag emptying station which allows to optimize working time and performance. It can lift up to 2,000 kg.

Svuota big bag con paranco
Svuota big bag con paranco

Big bag emptying with hoist

Equipment to empty big bag that enables to optimize time schedule and performance.
Il lifts big bags up to maximum weight of 2.000 kg.

Big-bag emptying systems are classified according to management system of the big bag and can be equipped with:

  • cutting systems of the lower side
  • closing system through motorized valve of the equipment 
  • blocking system of the lower part of the big bag
  • weight and dosing of the extracted product


Operating principles of the Big bag emptying with hoist

Operating on the button , the Big-bag is lifted in the frontal part of its structure, it is shifted on the hopper and then it is lowered till it latches surely to the seal. The big-bag is cut automatically by the cutting system and is ready to begin its emptying cycle.

Manufacturing principle of the Big bag emptying with hoist

The equipment has been designed with the method of FEM Analysis, complying with the European regulations in the field of welding processes UNI EN 288-4. The Big-bag emptying is manufactured in carbon steel or in stainless steel, while the vibrating hopper is manufactured in stainless steel  304 or 316L. It is equipped with mono vibrator, Demag hoist, fabric vent filter, electric panel integrated into the equipment, silicon rubber seal or edmp, inspection door on the hopper.

  • Application Fields
  • Optional

In all processes where it is necessary to empty big-bags and dose the product: powders, granules, powder packaging.

ATEX version. Stainless steel version AISI-316L. Dosing screw with the weighing system. Dosing with pneumatic system.  Bridge breaker.