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Dry painting booth with activated carbon

The innovative structure, thanks to its use, guarantees the purification of dust and solvents in painting fumes according to current directives. Besides, it is totally designed with CAD 3D, following criteria of modularity, efficiency and newest technology

Cabina di verniciatura a secco con carbone attivo
Cabina di verniciatura a secco con carbone attivo

Dry painting booth with activated carbon

This booth, thanks to its three stages control system, provides high reduction of pollutant. In addition, the operating cost of the painting system is significantly lower than any other painting system on the market. The booth marked Dena is totally designed with 3d Cad, according to criteria of modularity and efficiency. The booth is built with thick galvanized sheet panels bolted together to form a self-supporting structure. The front hood is equipped with filter guides, where the filtering membrane is situated. A spark proof centrifugal fan with high performance is installed on the roof top.

Operating principle of dry painting booth with activated carbon.

The vacuum created by the blower at the bottom of the of the booth, creates the suitable dust extraction from the painting process.

The intake air is filtered through the system in three stages, the first stage filter dust can be 90% , in the second through the cartridges in cellulose 99.99%, in the third, using activated carbon cartridges, it treats solvents in the air stream.

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Painting processes, coating, resin coating, adhesive coating.

It complies with ATEX regulations. Sector of activated carbon filtration integrated or external