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Self cleaning pulse air jet filter

Self-cleaning bag filters are designed to achieve maximum operational efficiency, reducing costs and maintenance time.
Generally they are used for applications that require high dust recovery, pneumatic conveying systems and for the removal of dangerous materials from the workplace.
These filters are equipped as standard with the pulse air jet system, which has many advantages over traditional systems: 

  • continuous operation
  • high filtration efficiency 
  • top removal filtering sleeves  
  • extraction side clean air 





How bag house self cleaning filter work through pulse air jet system

Self cleaning sleeve  "pulse air jet" with self-cleaning bag filters. Pulse air jet is blown vertically in each bag, compressed air and consequently, each line of sleeves receives a short pulse of compressed air, of about 100/200 mi/sec.

High pressure compressed air generates a shock wave throughout the bag, allowing the removal of most dust formed around the outside, which is released into the hopper and later discharged continuously, through a stellar auger or rotary valve.

Self cleaning sleeve filter pulse air jet consists of a series of modular components, which makes the product to be standardized and, at the same time, fully flexible, because you can make a targeted selection and detailed construction materials, filter bags and accessories, depending on the customer's specific needs.