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Cartridge filter model GIC-HT

The cartridge filter model GIC-HT is equipped with automatic cleaning by means of compressed air, targeted for the filtration and relative separation of medium and impalpable dust. The automatic cleaning system allows almost continuous dust loss and keeps extraction process constant.

Operating principle

The dust-filled air enters the top of the quiet chamber through the hole into the panel. The coarser dust present into the extracted air is immediately depressed by means of the separation chamber and drops into the container hopper because of the lessening of speed. Passing the quiet chamber, dust then enters the filtering sleeves, creating a shakingly violent wave in the opposite direction. This enables it to release dust particles and let them far from being deposited on the outside of the filtering sleeves. The screw fall moves the dust from alongside the star valve and in its turn will offload the dust cyclically. At the end of the operating cycle dust is collected in the container with quick release.

Construction details

It is equipped with by-pass in the body of the filter to assure rapid assembly, made of thick stainless sheet, suitably processed and treated, to favor its durability. It is supplied with pneumatic cleaning of sleeves, controlled by an economizer with differential pressure switch. Besides, it is comprised of supporting legs, inspection doors, railings and stairs, anti-bursting door, dust collection hopper.