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Filter for oil mist FFO

The range FFO by DENA is the ideal solution for installation on top of machine tools. Filtration higher than 99.95% thanks to 6 treatment level to filter any type of oil mist deriving from lubricants or coolants in turning, milling, grinding. The filtered air can be recirculated in the environment with maximum safety.

Exclusive oil mist separator system. Polluted air is extracted by the high efficiency centrifugal blower placed under negative pressure on the filters.

Thanks to its centrifugal system with V-design the air is separated from oil mist, thus the blower is free from any damage. In fact it works only with clean air, free of any residual pollutant.

Construction details

The structure is made of carbon steel painted, fully welded oil-tight, the filters are situated in a compartment full of inspection door. The tube located under the tank allows an discharge of accumulated liquid.


  • Filtration efficiency> 99.95% (HEPA H13)
  • Reading clogging gauge filters
  • Modular, compact design saving space • Reuse of the coolant /
  • Easy maintenance and replacement filter parts
  • Also available as simple filtering units, without blower