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Extraction hoods and downdraft tables model dena PVB

The extraction bench is the ideal solution to extract exhaust particles from grinding, welding, painting, application of adhesives, and in all working processes that produce fumes and dust that, if inhaled are dangerous for the health of the operators. It offers maximum safety for the operator and working environment, thanks to its structure closed on 5 sides preventing the accidental discharge of pollutants. The bench can be customized with different kinds of platforms and grids, depending on the work to be carried out.

Automatic filter cleaning

The machine is equipped with a cartridge filter with a suitable filter surface, the cleaning system is automatic. In fact it has a tank of compressed air to clean the cartridge, consequently work for the operator is made easier, saving time. Final filtration with hepa filter is optional.

Maximum efficiency

Integrated facilities: control panel integrated into the structure, lighting, dust collection bags and blower integrated into the structure makes the PVB a complete machine ready to use. Designed for heavy duty 24 hours a day.