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Extraction bench with automatic filter cleaning.

In order to keep a safe and clean working environment, it is necessary that the pollutants are extracted by means of the suction bench. In fact, thanksvto the intake evenly from below, it allows complete extraction of fumes and harmful dust, and thus the operator does not inhale any toxic substances.

Banco aspirante Mod. Bas
Banco aspirante Mod. Bas

Extraction bench with automatic filter cleaning.

The suction bench is equipped with a cartridge filter with a suitable filtering surface, the cleaning system is automatic. It is equipped with a tank of compressed air to clean the cartridge.

This is considered an advantage for the operator during cleaning phases, saving time. Final filtration with hepa filter is optional.

Extraction pre-filter bench

Extraction pre-filter bench is fitted as standard, with length equal to the size of the countertop. It plays an essential function, protects the cartridge from sparks and blunt objects, do not inhale particles from clogging the filter. Consequently it is  necessary to  clean the filter after many hours of operation.

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Automotive, clothing, rubber and plastic industries

It complies with ATEX regulations. Hepa filtration. Stainless steel 304/316. Painting resistant to hostile environments. It is manufactured in special stainless steel ( Corten). Fire proof plants, silencer, integrated blower.