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Dust collector with ceramic candles Model GICA

The dust collector with ceramic candles Model GOCA is especially designed for filtration and separation of particulates at extremely high temperatures. The automatic cleaning system helps maintain almost constant pressure drops and the extraction.

Operating principle

Dusty air enters the top part of the filter through the special flanged inlet. Coarser particles contained in the extracted air are immediatly depressed and drop into the container hopper because of the considerable decrease in speed. Then the fluid flows through the filter candles going from outside to inside,  thereby depositing so impurities in the container hopper. While in fuction, the dust collector is always kept at maximum efficiency through a cyclical cleaning system.
A jet of compressed air, accumulated in a special tank, is quickly injected into some candles, creating a violent shaking wave in the opposite direction making the deposited particles drop outside of the candles.

Construction filters

The dust collector is made of thick steel, opportuney worked and treated, to make it last long time. It is equipped with pneumatic cleaning of sleeves, controlled by an economizer with differential pressure switch. The tube plate is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, and do not spoil the candles. Besides it can be supplied with complete supporting legs, inspection doors, railings and ladder,  dust collection hopper.