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Bag house filter model GIM-HT

The bag dust collector is equipped with a system of automatic cleaning by means of compressed air. It is a special system that permits filtration and medium, fine impalpable dust separation. The automatic cleaning systems keep loading loss and extraction at a constant level.

Operating principle

Dust air enters the top part of the separating chamber by means of the hole in the panel. The coarser dust present in the suctioned air is immediately depressed and drops in the container hopper because of the lessening of speed. Passing the separating chamber, the dust then enters the filtering sleeves passing from the outside to the inside, thereby depositing the impurities into the contain hopper.

While in function, the filter is always kept at maximum efficiency through a system of cyclical cleaning moving in the opposite direction. A compressed blast of air, gathered in the correct tank, is rapidly injected into the inside if the filtering sleeves, creating a shakingly violent wave in the opposite direction.

This enables it to release the dust particles and let them far from being deposited on the outside of the filtering sleeves. The screw, fall moves the dust from alongside the star valve and in its turn will offload the dust cyclically.

Construction principles

The dust collector is made entirely of very thick galvanized steel sheet, opportunely worked and treated to make it last a long time. The filter has filtering sleeves pneumatic cleaning system and a cyclical program to wash the filtering sleeves. Besides, it also has complete inspection portals, fireproof portals and a dust container.


Handling, storage, transport, mixing, weighing. Dry bulk solid materials, sanding, sandblasting, grinding, sanding, edging. Combustion fumes of solid material and waste, plasma cutting, laser cutting, welding operation.


ATEX compliant system, dust exhaust system also conform to ATEX standards (20), made in stainless steel 304/316, paint finish resistant to hostile environments, made with special steel (Corten), anti-blasting plant, automatic by-pass.