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Cartridge filter model C-327

The cartridge filter model CC is equipped with automatic cleaning by means of compressed air, targeted for the filtration and relative separation of medium, fine and impalpable dust. The automatic cleaning system permits almost continuous dust loss and keeps the extraction constant.

Operating principle

The dust -filled air enters the bottom side of the filtering cartridges through a hole connected to the hopper. The coarser dust present in the suctioned air is immediately depressed by means of the separation chamber and drops into the container hopper because of the lessening speed. Passing the quiet chamber, the dust then enters the filtering sleeves passing from the outside into the inside, thereby depositing the impurities in the container hopper. While in function, the filter is always kept at maximum efficiency through a system of cyclical cleaning moving into the opposite direction. A compressed blast of air, gathered in the correct tank, is rapidly injected into the inside if the filtering sleeves, creating a shakingly violent wave in the opposite direction. This enables it to release the dust particles and let them far from being deposited on the outside of the filtering sleeves.

Cosntruction details

The filter is made entirely of very thick galvanized steel sheet, opportunely worked to make it last a long time.

The filter is equipped with a filtering sleeves pneumatic cleaning system and a cyclical program me to wash the filtering sleeves. Besides this, it is also built with complete inspection portals.