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Cartridges filters with activated carbon FCA mod

The cartridge filter ( activated carbon filter) is a model designed to treat pollutants with high concentrations of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Filtri a carboni attivi a cartucce
Filtri a carboni attivi a cartucce

The filtering machine, model FCA has been designed to treat polluting particles containing high concentration of solvents and volatile organic compounds. ( VOC) Thanks to its big filtering surface and the big quantity of activated carbon, you can obtain very long saturation processes so that it is possible to plan maintenance during the year. It is made of very thick panels made of zinc-coated sheet, bolted, in order to create a self-supporting structure. The bottom side of the filter is equipped with separating chamber and with a first series of optional cellulose filters, while the top side is equipped with a series of activated carbon cartridge filters to treat volatile organic compounds.

Operating Principle

Air to be treated enters the bottom part of the filter where the quiet chamber is situated, that operates in order to distribute air to be purified evenly to the filtering surface.

Then air passes through the first series of cellulose filters and eventually through the series of activated carbon filters that absorb polluting compounds definitely.

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Painting operations, coating,  resin coating, adhesive coating, laminating, impregnating, lithography of various types of substrates with solvent-based products. Painting production operations, glues, adhesives, paint and or related products with solvents.

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